Welcome To the PA Semi-Auto Shooters Series

The PA Semi-Auto Shooter Series (SASS) will consist of five matches between University Rifle Club and New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club.

Match Dates:

Sunday, April 9th University Rifle Club
Sunday, May 21st University Rifle Club
Saturday, June 3rd New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club
Saturday, July 1st New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club
Sunday, August 13th University Rifle Club


These are both excellent venues for this kind of match.

New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club, 589 Meetinghouse Rd, Gap PA

Steel targets from 200Y to 700Y

Pit targets from 100 to 600Y

Freddy’s take: Huge Pit area that is 65 yards wide. Expect lots of pop ups, fast movers especially at 300/400Y, and a lot of exploitation of the further distances available. Stages here will probably tend to focus on accuracy demand, distance, and the ability to spot your targets and get on them quickly. In other words, more target-dynamic.

University Rifle Club, 550 Schoffers Road, Exeter Township PA

Steel targets from 100Y to 600Y

Pit targets from 100Y to 300Y

Freddy’s take: This place is PROP CITY. They have a 20 foot shooter’s tower, a giant rooftop simulator, a huge shooters “Wall” being built, a 180# jiu jitsu/drag dummy, and a field-target environment that permits unknown/intermediate distance targets. Stages here will be more prop focused and more shooter-dynamic.

The series will allow competition between two classes of rifles defined as:

DMR: A DMR has an optic capable of greater than 6x. A DMR has a bipod attached to the rifle.

RECCE: A RECCE class rifle has an optic that is not capable of more than 6x. A RECCE rifle has no bipod, grip pod or other front support device.

BOLT: You are welcome to try, but this match will favor semi-autos in stage design. For series points you class up with DMR shooters.

Either rifle may be in any short action caliber, have any length of barrel, any muzzle device, and may or may not use a sound suppressor. Either rifle may fire any type of ammo except for AP (M855 variants included).

Courses of Fire:

Courses of fire and round count will be the same for each class, but the target presentation will vary.


Barricade stage:

Target: Steel at 400Y

10 rounds, 10 points per hit within 70 seconds, two rounds fired from each of five positions

DMR shooters will engage the 8″ round target at 400Y, and RECCE shooters will engage the fullsize IPSC silhouette.

Courses of fire will be published to all registered shooters before the match date.

Series Scoring:

Classes are scored separately from each other. This is really two series in one.

Each match will result in series points being accrued. The match winner gets 100 points and automatically qualifies into the finals (which are invitation only). The other shooters earn their percentage of the top shooter’s score. So if Frank shot a 200 and you shot a 180, 180/200=.9. Frank earned 100 series points, and you earned 90.

A shooter may compete in both classes. If time/attendance permits, at each match, we will allow shooters to fire in both classes in one day for a reduced fee for the second gun.

The final series score shall be the shooter’s best three series points awards accrued across two clubs in each class.

Stage Scoring:

Stages will be run on a combination of scoring models:
Points accrual on par time: You have 60 seconds, and every hit on the correct target earns 10 points.
Raw time converted into points:
Stage percentage
Stage subtraction
Stage time fraction

Please see the attached spread sheet for examples of how this works. I want to begin including some timer based stages and want to find simple ways to combine the two scoring models without involving error prone spreadsheet-fu.


The finals will have what we hope will be a very robust prize table. We have already had discussions with major vendors whose names you will definitely know.

Match Directors:

If you would like to take one of the matches on and are familiar with the type of stages that DMR/RECCE shooters enjoy, please volunteer. We will help you out in terms of designing the match with time/motion in mind.

Match directors will compete in the series.

Match directors will not be eligible for prizes by finish order.